What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a fuel for trucks, buses and tractors. It is usually made from soybeans, a crop grown by farmers.

Who Uses Biodiesel?

There are about 200 fleets that use biodiesel. Some city buses use it, some national parks use it for their trucks and buses, and some government fleets use it. Many school buses run on biodiesel—does yours?

Is Biodiesel Good for the Earth?

Yes. Biodiesel has fewer harmful emissions compared to petroleum diesel. That means it keeps our air cleaner and helps stop global warming.

Is Biodiesel Better for our Health?

Yes. Breathing in biodiesel is better for our lungs and hearts. When it comes out the exhaust pipe, it even smells better than diesel smoke. Biodiesel smells like french fries!

Why is Using Biodiesel Important for the INDIA?

Biodiesel is renewable, which means we can always make more. Petroleum diesel comes from crude oil, a fossil fuel, and some day it may run out. Since biodiesel is made in the INDIA, it can help our country become energy independent.

Source : National Biodiesel Board, USA


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