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SOL - Ready for the Road Ahead - The Hindu - July 28, 2000

THE HINDU (July 28, 2000)

SOUTHERN Online has acquired business partnership through Intel's ISP program. This translates into state-of-the-art technological support from Intel in the areas of server solutions, Networking solutions, Technical support and Industry news. With this partnership with Intel, Southern Online heralds a new chapter in the service to customers in the areas of e-com technology areas. Southern Online needless to say, enjoys the access to latest technologies owing to the tie-up with Intel and takes a giant leap ahead into the future having been updated by Intel's world class technology.

SOL became Intel's business partner through Intel ISP program recently; SOL is going to be supported by Intel when and where there arise a requirement in the area of server solutions, Networking solutions, technical support and industry news. With help of Intel partnership SOL is confidently saying that they are ready in all aspects to serve their customers in eco areas. In their recent meeting with Intel Technical people, SOL plans to focus towards data centers also; SOL is already enjoying the best technology from Intel through the business tie-up; SOL is happy with business partnership as they get updated by Intel regularly about the world class technology.