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Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd
Due to clerical /pagemaker error the number of resolutions mentioned in the e-voting page in the 20th Annual report 2017-18 (page no's 137 & 141) are 6 no.s and in the annual report are 7 no.s resolutions" the revised one is uploaded.
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Southern Online Bio Technologies Ltd, is an eco-friendly greenfield company. The company was the first private Internet Service Provider to offer internet connectivity across the length and breadth of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

SBT's successful track record of over ten years includes providing broadband internet services to up-market corporate clients besides providing dial-up internet services to individual customers.

Starting in 2003, SBT has moved into the greenfield area of bio-diesel production, the ideal alternative to conventional diesel. SBT's bio-diesel unit has many outstanding features some of which include wasteland development by cultivating Pongamia / Jetropha as basic renewable raw material, involving tribals, farmers and rural folk, generation of rural employment, conservation of precious foreign exchange and contributing to reducing the threat of pollution, to name a few of the features.
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